Nelson Riddle singles

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Mike Leach

The lists below are sectioned by record company 

They are  US Capitol / UK Capitol  /  Reprise  /  Warner and Others



US  Capitol 45's

Martin Kane Theme F2609 Make Believe You're In Love With Me Drive In F2648 You Won't Forget Me The Deep Blue Sea F2744 Brother John Shadow Waltz F2846 In The Chapel In The Moonlight Vilia F2893 I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me Vera Cruz F2997 Never Never Land Pendulum Song F3037 Run For Cover Take It Or Leave It(Yvonne De Carlo vocal) F3206 Three Little Stars All Or Nothin' F3225 Poor Jud Is Daid Lisbon Antigua F3287 Robin Hood Port Au Prince F3374 Midnight Blues Proud Ones Theme F3472 The Love Of Genevieve Farmer's Tango F3559 Could You Accordion Willy F3631 Holiday In Naples Matinee F3717 New Girl In Town Theme Rue Madeleine F3758 Tangi Tahiti In A Small Forgotten Town F3794 Blame It On Paree Till There Was You F3847 Pal Joey Theme I'm Getting Sentimental Over You F3877 The Girl Most Likely St Louis Blues F3980 Seventh Voyage Of Sinbad Siesta In Saville F4005 Kings Go Forth Volare F4024 Walkin' Birds Of Paradise F4075 Una Casa Portuguesa The Joy Of Living (Vocal) F4120 Somethin' Special Blue Safari F4175 De Guello Ting-A-Lay-O F4244 Markham Theme The Untouchables F4309 Autumn In Rio Untouchables F4378 The Untouchables Strike Back The Green Leaves Of Summer F4448 De Guello My Gentle Young Johnny F4521 Little Old New York Come A Wanderin' With Me F4691 Oh Mein Liebchen Lolita Ya Ya F4741 Route 66 Theme Naked City F4843 Defenders Stoney Burke Theme F4896 Ballad Of Jed Clampett

UK Capitol singles

Shadow Waltz CL14073 In The Chapel In The Moonlight Drive In CL14124 The Deep Blue Sea Vilia CL14158 I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me Vera Cruz CL14241 You Won't Forget Me Pendulum Song CL14262 Brother John Run For Cover (Vocal-Bob Graham) CL14305 Make Believe You're In Love With Me (Vocal-Pat Avid ) Three Little Stars CL14380 Take It Or Leave It (Vocal-Yvonne De Carlo) Lisbon Antigua CL14510 Robin Hood Port Au Prince CL14569 Midnight Blues Proud Ones CL14623 Love Of Genevieve Holiday In Naples CL14718 Accordian Willy Matinee CL14802 Rue Madeleine Girl Most Likely CL14827 I'm Getting Sentimental Over You Blame It On Paree CL14886 St Louis Blues Love Theme Kings Go Forth CL14905 Siesta In Saville Volare CL14911 Walkin' Birds Of Paradise CL14970 Una Casa Portuguesa De Guello CL15016 Blue Safari Ting-A-Lay-O CL15092 Markham Theme Bonsoir Lisbon CL15229 Ziganette Route 66 CL15253 Lolita Ya Ya Naked City Theme CL15274 The Defenders Supercar CL15309 Dick Van Dyke Theme


Reprise singles

My True Carrie 0270 Hello Dolly Fiddler On The Roof 0319 Gabrielle John F Kennedy March 0348 Big Mr C Melancholie 0386 Me And My Shadow Marriage On The Rocks 0412 Skyscraper Freddies New Slacks 0476 Don't Drink The Water On A Little Street In Singapore 0517 Where Were You When I Needed You Come Blow Your Horn R20169 Connies Theme Dance Ballerina Dance R23046 Mona Lisa It's A Mad, Mad, Mad , Mad World R-20,230 My Special Dream


Turn The Lights Down Low PRO209 Come To Me Without Your Love 5470 Riddle Song With Open Arms 5630 Believe It All ( Mary Mayo-vocal)



What'll I Do PAA-0293 What'll I Do


Thoroughly Modern Millie Liberty 55952 See The Cheetah El Dorado Epic 10175S El Dorado ( Vocal ) March Of The Swiss Children Verve 10194 Walking The Dog What A Way To Go 20th Century Fox 526 Happy Houseboat Batman Theme 20th Century Fox 6626 Nelsons Riddler